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Best Hair Products

Best Hair Products

Everyone has a day where their hair gets them down, however here at we have found the top products that will help you tame that mane!







The Plumps solid conditioner £6.95

If you fancy high-flying hair with plenty of texture, it's high time you treated yourself to this well-rounded blend of sea salt, cedarwood and honey. The sandalwood fragrance may be grounding for the mind, but volumising sea salt speaks volumes about how your hair will feel afterwards. A little goes a long way, so simply stroke the bar directly over wet hair then rinse off.

Tangled hot oil treatment £6.50

Out damned knot! This rosewood and ylang ylang treatment is here to tame your tangles. A creamy mix of softening, strengthening oils increase tensile strength and allow you to comb with ease. This hot oil treatment has goodness written all over it.

Jersey Bounce shampoo £6.50

Is it time for your hair to bounce back? This honey, linseed and sea salt shampoo is sure to get your hair into the swing of things. Fresh organic lemon juice, hand harvested sea salt and Fair Trade olive oil deliver bounce, shine and an extra bit of TLC to your hair. A trip into the shower with this shampoo is a great way to cleanse the scalp and strengthen your hair. A dose of Fair Trade olive oil will make it easier to comb and shiny to behold. A sumptuous, plumping shampoo for those who want to swing both ways

Elnett Satin Hairspray £6.60

Elnett Satin Supreme Hold hairspray offers your hairstyle lasting hold with a brilliant shine and a soft touch. Its unique micro-diffused spray is ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush, leaving hair feeling clean, soft and shiny
Percy and Reed Shampoo and Conditioner £14 each
Moisturising shampoo and conditioner from Percy & Reed. Features a duo of moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Why not treat yourself and your hair regime to this luxury duo.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £26.25

This great, highly concentrated product is designed to smooth your hair, leaving it incredibly smooth and supple. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer even has an added sunscreen protection.

It’s super moisturising and highly concentrated, smoothing each strand to incredible silkiness. Its elasticising effect improves suppleness, stretchability, strength and shine whilst leaving your hair softer, less brittle, beautifully manageable and lustrous.

Elasticizer is the weekly thirst quencher your hair needs to beat dryness

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