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Best Home Nail Kits

Best Home Nail Kits

Gone are the days of going to your local salon! Make sure your nails are perfectly manicured all year round with our top home nail kits. From Gel kits to just polish kits, you’ll be amazed at what’s on the market for a good price! We’ve put five kits (and our nail beds) through their paces to test them for their application, shine and chip-resistance. You may feel that a home nail kit is a little bit of an investment at first, but it’s a saving of around £25 in the salon per time!

Our first pick is the (1) SensatioNail Starter Kit, priced at £49.99 from Boots. This kit gives you the closest to a salon shine look, plus our nails stay chip and crack free for just under two weeks! There are a range of colours to choose from, from either the SensatioNail website or the Boots website. Included within the kit are two bottles of SenatioNail polish, a gel cleanser, gel primer, top coat and bottom coat and a LED Lamp.

Our second pick is the (2) Red Carpet Gel Polish Starter Kit, priced at £89.95 from This high performance professional LED kit is packed with everything you need to create a Red Carpet manicure in minutes! Included within the kit are all the essentials such as base coat, top coat, gel polish, primer and much more. This kit is ideal for achieving a long lasting high shine colour in the comfort of your own home.

This may not be a Gel home kit, however this is the perfect home kit for those of you who prefer natural nails with a touch of colour. Not everyone likes the feel or idea of gel nails, so with this (3) custom colour home kit from Jessica you’ll have everything you need to create a luxury Jessica manicure. Click here to see more.

Maybe you fancy the polish with the look and feel of gel, just without the long process of the gel application. If this is the case then (4) Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nail Varnish Duo Pack, available from Boots priced £14.99, is the one for you! This set contains a part-lacquer, part-gel manicure system. All of the Sally Hansen coloured polishes provide a chip resistant colour, mirror like shine and a gel inspired effect with a quick drying system. If you like the sound of the Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel, head on down to your nearest cosmetic store.

Going back to the Gel kits, we particularly liked the (5) OPI Gel Venice collection set from Beverly Beaute. Inspired by the extraordinary city, OPI presents a modern interpretation of Baroque style in the new 15 shades of the Venice collection. From Romantic reds to dramatic darks, these gel colours are the perfect shades for trendy mums. Before you choose all your colours, make sure you check out the OPI Gel Starter kits. With everything you need to get started, there will be no need for any hassle!

Whatever you choose to wear on your talons this month, make sure you have the perfect set to catch attention, you could even become an expert!

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