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Best Home Storage

Best Home Storage

Now the holiday season is well and truly over and the kids are back at school, it’s time to take a look at the house. Everybody knows that somehow, throughout the summer, you end up gaining a lot more toys, clothes and who knows what else. So here are some of the best home storage pieces of furniture you can get your hands on!


If you’re tired of tripping over shoes, why not get yourself a shoe storage cabinet! This is the perfect place to store shoes whilst keeping a clean, neat and tidy look to the entrance of your home. With room on top to pile up all of those unwanted letters! –This two draw Merton Shoe Storage Cabinet is just £135!




This children’s storage bench cannot only be used for packing away all of those unwanted toys, but also a table for them to play and draw on! If you don’t want to tarnish the pristine look of this bench, then simply throw an unwanted cloth over it when it’s playtime and take it off again once you’re done! This Stuva storage bench is just £65!


This unit is great for freeing up space along the floor! Having a standing shelf with eight compartments to store whatever you like! Or, if you need the wall space, you can turn it on its side and create more room for wall decorations! This Phoenix 8 Cube Storage Unit is just £59.99!

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