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Best leg waxing appliances

Best leg waxing appliances

With the summer holidays on the horizon and the weather warming up in the UK, will you dare to bare your legs this summer?

If you’re not willing to fork out for those salon price tags for leg waxing when you can achieve the same result at home then take a list of our top five products for keeping your legs hair free and silky soft this summer.

1. Veet 40 Wax Strips Maxi Format - Sensitive Skin RRP £11.99

Veet have become a household essential for many women, from their wax strips to hair removal cream they are dedicated to all things hair free! These wax strips removes hair from the root and to achieve 28 days of smoothness. We love them as they are super easy to use, ever for first time waxers!

2. Parissa Wax Strips for Legs & Body - RRP £8.26

These quick and easy wax strips offer a mess-free and express way to remove hair, and they’re ready to use! Zip away body hair instantly and keep skin smooth for up to six weeks! They are easy to apply and ideal for beginners, touch-ups and travel.

3. Just Wax Aloe Vera + Cucumber Gel Wax – RRP £5.85

The Just Wax Aloe Vera + Cucumber Gel offers an alternative to traditional wax, the cool and refreshing aroma of aloe vera and cucumber makes the waxing experience a lot more bearable.  The unique formula also allows for super thin application- bonus!

4. Sienna X Honey Gold Warm Wax – RRP £9.54

The Sienna X is a luxurious wax that comes in a gorgeous golden honey colour with subtle shimmer. The high performance Honey Gold formula applies smoothly and leaves no tacky residue!

5. Lotus Essentials Honey Wax - £3.95

Lotus Essentials is excellent value for money and the perfect choice for premium waxing. The soft Wax is tough on stubborn hairs but soft on the skin – the perfect combo!


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