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Best Moisturisers for Winter Dry Skin

Best Moisturisers for Winter Dry Skin

A good moisturiser to cover up redness and dullness can be hard to find. To keep your skin glowing and revitalised throughout the winter season, here are our top 5 moisturisers we recommend you try!

1. EOS Body Lotion - £3.99 - £6.99
Not only do EOS provide us with notoriously good lip balms, they have also launched a range of body lotions to keep your skin feeling soft after application!

2. Dermalogica Barrier Repair - £36.90
This waterless moisturiser has been made with the purpose of protecting the skin’s barrier. Put a layer of the Barrier Repair on and your skin will be back to feeling soft and protected. This cream prevents any triggers that cause irritation and inflammation, as well as signs of burning or itching you could come across in the winter season.

3. Clinique Superdefense Daily Defence Moisturiser - £39.00
Try this Superdefense Moisturiser from Clinique, it feels comfortable on the skin with its creamy texture. Clinique’s Defence Moisturiser uses Barley and Wheat Germ extract to rehydrate skin and build up the skin’s barrier.

4. Aveeno Positively Nourishing Calming Moisturiser - £6.00
Dermatologists highly recommend this as it won’t sting cracked skin! Included in the calming moisturiser is an anti- inflammatory aid for irritated, itchy dry skin - perfect in winter!

5. The Body Shop Body Butter Duo - £13.00 
This Body Butter Duo is lightly scented with shea coco butter. It is perfect for all year round! Use the richer formula during the colder months and the lighter one when the heat returns. You can’t go wrong!

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