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Best Pancake Toppings

Best Pancake Toppings

Gone are the days when we just sprinkled lemon juice and sugar over pancakes - they are now stuffed, stacked and spread with all sorts of ingredients to make them ever more interesting and tasty! With Pancake Day not far away, we’ve picked out our favourite pancake toppings to help you create tasty pancakes.

1. Canadian Maple Syrup 
This is a classic pancake topping, but there’s nothing like the taste of pure Canadian Maple Syrup drizzled over a pancake. The Canadian Maple Syrup, straight from the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, comes in different consistencies ranging from the delicate Extra Light to the rich flavour of Amber – a great sweet treat!

2. Meridian Fruit Spreads  
The delicious fruit spreads from Meridian make for a perfect pancake topping – just spread a little over your pancakes or even create a pancake sandwich! We particularly like the strawberry and raspberry flavour spreads which will add lovely flavour to your pancakes.

3. Joe & Seph’s Caramel Sauces  
What could be better to spread over your pancake than a smooth caramel sauce? Joe & Seph’s range of caramel sauces come in six tasty flavours and are great if you want a rich-tasting, smooth pancake.

4. Mackays Preserves and Curds
All the berries used in Mackays preserves are sourced from the berry fields of eastern Scotland where the Scottish climate allows the berries to grow for longer, meaning they have a strong flavour. We also love the lemon and lime curds from Mackays, perfect for spreading over the top of your pancakes!

5. Haughton Honey  
This yummy raw honey from Haughton Honey is great for drizzling over a pancake stack! Because the honey comes straight from the hive every jar is unique so, if a tasty, honey-drizzled pancake is what you fancy, we recommend using this!

Or if a savoury pancake takes your fancy…

6. Primula Cheese  
Why not use one of the Primula Cheese Tubes in your pancake mix to create a yummy flavoured pancake. Alternatively, choose one of the three flavours of Primula Cheese Spreads to give any pancake a lovely cheesy topping!

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