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Best salad accompaniments

Best salad accompaniments


Tesco Olive Oil and Sea Salt Croutons- who said you need to break the bank to make a salad something special. There croutons don’t over power any salad but add a real luxury feel- £1 for 100g

La Rochelle Bacon Salad Sprinkles- okay so these aren’t real bacon but they’re as tasty as, try these on top of a salad of rockets, tomatoes and parmesan. £1.20 from Sainsbury’s 

Waitrose Olives stuffed with pimento- if olives are your thing then these will not disappoint. Try these to jazz up a Greek salad. £2.59 for 175g


The Food Doctor Savory Seed blend- high in both fiber and protein this seed mix is a great way to add substance to a lunchtime salad £2.99 from Waitrose

Linwood’s milled Chia seeds- For a super healthy, superfood salad try this mix. Chia seeds are naturally high in omega 3, so they help support your immune system and keep blood pressure down. £6.99 from Holland and Barrett



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