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Best Summer Nail Varnish Colours

Best Summer Nail Varnish Colours

With summer fast approaching you’re going to want some much needed TLC. Summer is renowned for festivals, holidays and parties so it’s always a good excuse to grab the blindingly bright nail polishes! Or, go for something a little lighter to match the weather. Here are our favourites!

1. ‘She’s a Bad Muffuletta!’ by OPI
If you’re one for the bright reds, why not try ‘She’s a Bad Muffuletta’ by OPI. Don’t mess with this hot red crème!

2. ‘Glam Squad’ by Jessica Nail Polish
Go all out with this bright, pigmented, crème finish coloured nail polish from Jessica.


3. ‘Noodle Nude’ by Nailed London
Nailed London is Made in Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue’s brand. This nail varnish is an everyday taupe colour perfect for any ensemble, smart or casual, bright or whitewashed. Noodle Nude nail polish has been inspired by Rosie’s dog Noodle!

4. Be My Baby Doll by Nailed London
Be My Baby Doll is another one of Rosie Fortescue’s collection. This frosted, pastel pink is perfect for pairing with girly dresses and an abundance of florals.

5. ‘Find Me an Oasis’ by Essie Resort Nail Collection
This gorgeous, refreshing ice blue colour is everything you need to quench your thirst this summer. It becomes opaque in two coats and wears for a long time without any chips. A lovely colour overall for the warmer months.

6. ‘Manga Around with Me’ by Morgan Taylor
This vibrant tropical fruit, coral, neon crème shade is perfect for any occasion.

We hope we’ve inspired you to brighten up your nails this summer!

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