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Best Toddler Outdoor Toys and Activities

Best Toddler Outdoor Toys and Activities

We all know how hard it can be to keep the little ones busy, so we’ve compiled a short list of failsafe ideas to keep them both occupied and happy in the run up to Easter.

1. Ride along toys - It’s essential for toddlers and young children to be able to balance as they learn to walk and run and ride along toys help build these skills! We love the YVolution Balance Bike as it not only develops their balance and control, but will also build their independence and self-confidence. Remember, make sure your little ones wear a helmet, safety first!


2. Zoingo Boingo - Zoingo Boingo is the flexible freestyle pogo that lets you jump and spin on both pavement and grass. The bouncing ball allows awesome control and manoeuvrability which makes this the perfect outdoor toy. Remember, make sure your little ones wear a helmet and knee pads, safety first!

3. Go to the park - Children of all ages will absolutely adore a trip to your local park, whether it’s to a play park with equipment such as swings and slides, or more of a national park where the little ones can feed the ducks and do other fun activities!

4. Take a trip to an amusement park - Amusement parks such as LEGOLAND and CBeebies Land (at Alton Towers) would be perfect for a day out to keep your little ones occupied and happy! CBeebies land has activities suitable for children up to six and LEGOLAND goes up to 12, so there’s fun to be had for everyone!

5. Day out at the seaside - If it’s warmed up how about a day at the seaside? If it’s dry, you could have a paddle in the sea or make some sandcastles! There’s usually plenty to do if it’s wet and there are activities for everyone to enjoy.

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