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Best ways to have bubbling fun!

Best ways to have bubbling fun!

As many of you already know, children love to play outdoors with bubbles. But what else can they be used for? Take a look below at some alternative fun ideas to be had with bubbles.

1. Weddings
Bubbles can be the perfect way to celebrate a couple that have just got married. Why not blow them round the room as the couple walk back down the aisle hand in hand? Not only will this make for a romantic atmosphere but it will also create a stunning picture.

2. Pets
Children may love bubbles but so do pets. Dogs are especially big fans of all the fun that can be had, and are sure to love playing outside with a bubble blowing machine. It would be great fun if you took your pets into the garden or a field and let them chase bubbles, they might be hard to catch though if it’s an especially windy day.

3. Bath time
Did you know bubbles aren’t just for older children? They are also a great sensory experience for little ones during bath time.  Not only this but also help strengthen young children’s respiratory system as well as help them to use the muscles in their cheeks and lips.

4. Garden Party
Setting up a bubble blowing machine can be the perfect finishing touch to add during a garden party. Not only will it help set a party atmosphere but it will also provide your guests with some entertainment. We suggest using the Gazillion Bubble Tornado to create this fantastic atmosphere.

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