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Best Winter Hair Colours

Best Winter Hair Colours


Approach the start of the new season with the sense of confidence that this one will be the best yet in terms of wardrobe, makeup and hair. First order of business: Get the latter ahead of the game with one of fall's top shades—think bronde, copper and, yes, a return to full highlights.






Natural Roots

We're going to give the try-hard ombré trend from a few years back the benefit of the doubt and assume it meant to look more like January Jones' cool, casual, multi-tonal color, but lost the plot somewhere along the way. Good news is, this is way easier—add lowlights to the roots and subtle highlights to the ends or just start spacing out your touch-up appointments and embracing regrowth.




Full Highlights

Hair looks polished and even—but still full of dimension—when it has tons of thin highlights in the subtlest shade level brighter weaved throughout. Olivia Palermo serves as the ultimate reference to take to your stylist.






The colour of summer's midpoint isn't going anywhere come fall. Cara Delevingne blends light brown with caramel and buttery shades in such a way that it'd be impossible to take a hard stance in the brunette versus blonde debate.

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