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Big Taste Test: Edible Gifts

Big Taste Test: Edible Gifts

We’ve picked out a few top treats that are perfect for finding at the bottom of the stocking on Christmas Day. Surprise your loved ones with these goodies and let your family indulge their sweet tooth on Christmas Day morning. When else can this be done? All the items in this selection of edible gifts make lovely alternatives to the traditional Christmas stocking orange!

1 and 2.  Divine Chocolates chocolate Coins and Lollies: From £2.00. The perfect stocking filler, these chocolate treats are as they say “DIVINE” and Fair Trade too! 

3. Milk Chocolate macadamia nuts from African Sky: £5.75. You’ll go nuts for these little beauties, once you’ve bitten through the rich chocolate there’s a sweet creamy nut inside.

4. Walkers Shortbread Tins: £8.00. How doesn’t love a piece of shortbread at Christmas, and these lovely tins come in a variety of shapes and guises.

5. Cocoa Libre Reindeer and Santa Bars: £2.95. Here’s a quirky but tasty take on chocolate for Christmas as each of these tasty shapes are made of rice milk chocolate; great for those with allergies. 

6. Mini Moos Organic Santa Bars: £12 for a pack of 15. At less than a pound each these are dairy free and organic. 

7. Sweet Champions Selection Box: £2.00. Traditional and a trip down memory lane for the oldies, this box is packed with Refreshers, Blackjacks and more. 

8. Morrisons Marc de Champagne milk Chocolate Truffles: £4.00. A smart box with plenty of luxy choclates inside.

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