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Bonfire Night Fashion

Bonfire Night Fashion

Why not make sure your outfit is as bangin’ as the fireworks this Bonfire Night? Bonfire Night is not only the time of year when we celebrate Guy Fawkes, it's also a sign of autumn coming to an end, which means bringing out the winter gear! Check out our favourite outfits to wear on Bonfire Night to ensure you’re wrapped up from head to toe.

Why not wrap up in a grey thick jumper with a warm cashmere scarf? Match with a pair of black skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots and you’ll be perfect for any outdoor occasion. Oh… and don’t forget the coat, a fluffy, puffy jacket is a must!

If you’re not the sort of person to go for a thick jumper and cable knit scarf, why not go for a thin jumper with a bobble hat and a waterproof wax jacket. This is more of a sophisticated look!

You may prefer to wear something a little warmer on your feet and legs! Match knitted leggings and a knitted jumper with your favourite wellies, a hat and a cosy jacket, it’s the perfect way to keep yourself warm and looking lovely at the same time!

Go for the browns and greens to make sure you’re entering winter in true style! Swap your cable knit jumper and scarf for a brown long sleeved top, snood, dark blue jeans, leather boots and a khaki green coat. To complement your outfit, why not wear a pair of dark red gloves to keep you warm whilst you twirl those sparklers and a tan coloured shoulder bag?

You could even replace the jeans for trousers instead, dark green trousers are in fashion at the moment so any trousers would do the job! You could even match your trousers with a white t-shirt, dark brown ankle boots and a long camel coat. It may not be the perfect outfit to keep you warm but it sure does look good!

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