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Boxing Day Ideas

Boxing Day Ideas

After Christmas day a lot of us choose to stay at home. But there are many exciting days out available to for you to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Grab the family and take an exciting Boxing Day trip!

Simply Stonehenge on Boxing Day – Morning Tour

Take a morning walk on Boxing Day with a tour of the famous Stonehenge - Mysterious Stonehenge is one of the world’s greatest puzzles. The towering rocks have stood on Salisbury Plain for around 5,000 years and we still don’t know who put them there or why! Get closer to the truth this Boxing Day with a visit to Stonehenge from Central London travelling on a comfortable coach.

A trip to the football

Almost every football team in the professional leagues up and down the country play on Boxing Day. This means almost anyone can take a trip to the football to cheer on their local heroes by going to watch the football. A lot of clubs also introduce Boxing Day offers so you can go and watch at a truly affordable price.

Boxing Day Sales

Almost every shop on the high-street is now open for Boxing Day sales. Why not take a trip to your local high-street and see what bargains you can find? You may want to leave early though, otherwise by the time you reach the shops there may not be anything left!

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