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Can online gaming develop literacy skills?

Can online gaming develop literacy skills?

This week we have been looking at Kuato Studios and the revolutionary story based games it’s talented team creates. Online gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon, but no longer can games just be entertaining! With parents now aware of how much game time their children have, developers are creating educational games that appeal to both children and parents.

One of the main skills developed through game play is literacy.  Children can follow their adventures as new levels or adventures often feature narration, helping them with sound association.  During this narration, many games also highlight the printed words, so children can follow along and match the sound to the word, providing them with a basic understanding of sentence structure.

At some point in any game there will be elements of problem solving; this often comes in the form of find the missing word, unscramble the letters or create the correct sentence, all fantastic ways for children to develop basic literacy skills along with decision making and problem solving ability.

Kuato Studios takes this form of learning to the next level as each of its learning games encaptures the child’s gaming adventure and turns it into a personalised story to be read with friends and family. In addition Kuato have also developed an early reading series of books to download, where children can follow the adventures of their favourite characters from the games.


To celebrate Kuato taking over all Kuato Games apps are now FREE ( with the exception of Noddy Toyland Detective which is reduced to 99p) on the App store until midnight on Sunday 23rd July 2017. Now is the perfect time to test them out with your children!

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