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Can tidying up ever be fun?

Can tidying up ever be fun?

Kazoops is the unique new show for younger children and it’s inspiring us this week to challenge preconceptions, just like Monty, the lead character! In the show, Monty uses his vivid imagination to tackle some of the big questions that face pre-schoolers. In the episode Cosmic Clean Up he discovers tidying up can be fun!

The episode begins with Monty and his pet pig, Jimmy Jones, racing around the house playing. Monty’s parents interrupt and remind him that he promised to tidy his room. Like mostsix-year-old boys, when faced with the choice to keep playing or to tidy up, Monty would much rather keep playing!

So how can we ever make tidying up exciting for our kids? Well, Monty’s dad Stan has the right idea: Stan suggests that Monty turns it into a game to make it more fun, so as the two pals begin tidying they travel into Monty’s imagination to a cosmic world in need of tidying! On a quest to clean up the galaxy, Monty and Jimmy Jones have a fun time heroically sort space debris and defeat space sock-teroids. When they return to their bedroom, they find they have finished tidying… and they enjoyed it!

What UKMums.TV thinks

Monty and Jimmy Jones have reminded us just how magical children’s imaginations are! Cosmic Clean Up is a great episode because it takes an everyday chore and turns it into an exciting adventure for kids.

Kazoops is a great show and we think all six-year-olds will relate to Monty’s experiences. Each episode has an inspiring and positive message whilst also being fun and easy to watch!

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