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Caribbean Supermarket Foods

Caribbean Supermarket Foods

The Caribbean offers some of the most vibrant flavours in the world, but you don’t have to travel all the way to the islands to experience some of their tastes. We’ve picked out some of our favourite supermarket buys so you can bring the flavour of the Caribbean to your kitchen!

1. Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Cooking Sauce - £1.49
This sweet and tangy BBQ sauce won’t fail to add great flavour to any dish. The sauce tastes especially great with chicken and prawns, and in the words of Levi Roots himself you can “put some music in your food” with this sauce.

2. ASDA Ready to Cook Jerk Chicken - £2.80
Jerk Chicken is a classic Caribbean food and you can enjoy it for dinner with this meal from ASDA. The marinated chicken is covered in warm sauce and mixed in with yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and basmati rice - yum!

3. Dunns River Guava Jam - £1.68
Guavas are a tropical fruit which are common in the Caribbean and now you can enjoy their taste with this Guava Jam. The jam can be enjoyed as part of a dessert, and as well as tasting great guavas have health benefits too!

4. Tropical Sun Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce - £1.25 
Made from carefully selected yellow scotch bonnet peppers, this Jamaican inspired sauce is great for adding to pasta dishes, soups or stews to add a little Caribbean spice. The sauce is so fresh that it can be used in a dish instead of the peppers themselves.

5. Port Royal Jamaican Lamb Patties - 85p
Patties are the most popular snack in the Caribbean and this one is delicious with its spicy minced lamb filling. The lamb is mixed in with herbs and vegetables and all are packed together in a crispy, golden pastry.

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