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Casserole sauces

Casserole sauces

At, we can all remember the wonderful casseroles that our mums and grans cooked up for us - meat and vegetables cooked for hours in wonderful tasting gravy (with splashes of those two secret ingredients, tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce!)

Nowadays there is a great variety of sauces, ready made for busy mums to pop in the dish with your meat and vegetables for a tasty meal and here are some of our favourites:




The Homepride Beef & Ale Casserole cooking sauce is a really tasty sauce which helps to bring out the flavour of the meat.  And, like most sauces, it is easy to use - prepare your meat and vegetables put the in the pot, add the sauce and hey presto! your dinner is ready in a couple of hours.  For a variation on a theme, by reducing the portions used, you could also make a beef & ale pie - another successful dinner ‘down the hatch!’




Not all sauces are for beef - if you are a fan of tagines, why not try Colman’s Chicken Tagine Meal Kit - again, very simple to use and extremely tasty. The kit contains everything you need, including a sachet of couscous.  A wonderful introduction to tagine cooking.




Another simple yet tasty meal is chicken cooked in Homepride’s White Wine and Cream cooking sauce.  Just add it to the casserole dish with your uncooked chicken, add vegetables if you want (we add sweetcorn, onion and mushrooms usually) and then serve on a bed of rice.  Tasty!  And, best of all, this comes in a red wine variety too!





There are also some excellent dry casserole mixes - Colman’s Sausage Casserole mix is a good one, especially the children and makes an inexpensive family meal really tasty!  You could also try their Sausage & Onion mix or their Sausage & Herb casserole mix for a bit of a change.



All of the above are widely available in most supermarkets, along with a huge variety of others, both actual sauces and mixes (and far too many to list here!) so why not head over to the food cupboard aisle and see what’s instore for a tasty, wholesome meal?




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