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Celeb surgery…gone wrong!

Celeb surgery…gone wrong!

We at UKMums.tv love a good old surgery story gone wrong… unfortunately with being in the public eye so much, any celebs that have had a trout pout, Botox or a face lift will rarely go unnoticed by us…and the press!

We’ve taken a look through some of our favourites and included the best below;

Donatella Versace – it’s no secret that this fashionista has had a bit of work done over the years…but she has more recently tried to claim that she attributes her “Youthful look” to an extensive beauty regime!

Heidi Montag – The Hills star reportedly had ten procedures done in one day in late 2009! She later admitted it was a mistake and had her breasts reduced from F cups to more modest C’s – the ear pinning, nose jobs, chin reduction and brow lifts are still in effect though.

Jocelyn Wildenstein - After years of extensive surgery, it's safe to say that Jocelyn no longer looks like she used to. This being said she is reportedly happy wit the work and got exactly what she wanted. 

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