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Celebrity Hairstyles for the Summer

Celebrity Hairstyles for the Summer

Hairstyles are the best way to create a new season look without the cost. It’s a lot cheaper than buying yourself a whole new wardrobe for certain! If short hair isn’t your thing when it comes to the lighter and warmer months, there are some celebrities who never chop off their locks, so maybe you could take some inspiration from these celebrities.

1. Christina Aguilera has gone from bleach blonde, long curly hair to red, long, wavy locks. We love these gorgeous waves, they are the perfect alternative to curly hair.

2. Selena Gomez has gone from dark brown to a lighter brown with caramel highlights. With her full fringe and long wispy hair, this style is a bombshell for summer.


3. Kendal Jenner is known for her courageousness. However, after the Snapchat reveal of her new haircut, was true to become a bit of a tease!

4. We’re so in love with Rachel McAdam’s 50s inspired short blowcut! With added volume and short and long layers, this is a definite must have hairstyle for the lighter months!

5. Kim Kardashian is rocking these brunette locks with very subtle layers. This hairstyle adds shape to under the jaw-line. Included within this hairstyle is a parting down the middle making this a casual style which is best suited to round faces.

6. The length of this ombre is a blunt cut to maintain an easy-to-manage look and feel, and left to show off the subtle waves through the sides and back. Vanessa Hudgens has a low-fuss style and which is best suited for those with a natural kink in their locks and need a little more product to tame their hair.

7. If you’re not keen on long and mid length hair, there’s always the tapered mane to go for! Anne Hathaway suits this swept to the side, soft shape which then contours the head. This hairstyle preferably suits the oval, round and oblong faces.

8. Thinking about going to a wedding or a formal occasion? Why not try this straight updo hairstyle inspired by Angelina Jolie, with the glossy brunette locks pulled back into sections and pinned to the head. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.

Whatever hairstyle you choose to wear this summer, we’re certain you’ll look fabulous!


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