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Celebrity Hairstyles for your Man

Celebrity Hairstyles for your Man

When our men need hairstyle improvements, they could do worse than look to celebrities for help. Fame comes with responsibilities, like keeping up to date with the latest fashion and hairstyles! Without celebrities, how would they know what haircut to ask for? Here are our top hairstyles for your man:

1. David Beckham

Always leading the way in fashion, here David Beckham is in with his latest debut for H&M. He is wearing similar slicked back styles to last year but with some updates for 2016. Instead of the normal messy look, these slick backs are definitely back on trend.

2. Aaron Johnson

Ladies aren’t the only ones who can let their natural hair shine through! Aaron Johnson is proof natural hair works as a great alternative to slick back hair.

3. Harry Styles

The ‘fade’ hairstyle is particularly popular in 2016 among the likes of Harry Styles, G-Eazy, Zac Efron and silver fox Jeff Goldblum.

4. Orlando Bloom

Like it or not, man buns are here to stay! Gone are the days of shoulder-length locks for Orlando.

5.Leonardo DiCaprio

Help your man achieve Leonardo’s graceful messy look by applying gel serum onto partially dried hair. Once the hair is dry, your man’s hair will loosed and soften up, leaving enough hold to give it an orderly yet sort of a messy look.

6. Tom Cruise

Tom is sporting for a more casual look with a buzz cut that complements his rugged facial hair. He went for a razor cut with angled layers and swept back sides to show off his strong features.

7. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas’ hair is thick and polished, every girl’s dream for their man!

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