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Check out the new Giant Gazillion Bubbles range

Check out the new Giant Gazillion Bubbles range

Gazillion Bubbles is the premium bubble brand that gives kids the ultimate bubble experience. The new GIANT bubbles range makes it easier for kids to create bigger bubbles than ever before and brings with it new gadgets and gizmos for lots of outdoor fun! Here are some of the new products in the range;

Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill – RRP £19.99

Bubble mad kids are sure to have fun with this giant machine which blows huge bubbles for the ultimate big bubble experience. It comes with an 8oz bottle of Giant Bubble Solution and features a large wheel that blows giant bubbles continuously, with no pump and no waiting involved! It’s available in two colour options, green/purple or blue/green.

Gazillion Giant Bubble Power Wand – RRP £10.99

Children can create giant bubbles that stretch at the touch of a button with this new motorised power wand from Gazillion Bubbles. Perfect for back garden fun and parties, there are two colour ways to choose from and it comes with a bonus 4oz bottle of Giant Solution!

Gazillion Giant Incredi-Bubble Wand – RRP £12.99

This new Incredi-Bubble Wand creates massive bubbles with the wave of a wand! All you need to do is pour the Gazillion solution into the tray, dip the wand and wave it to create bubbles as big as you! It’s available in two colour options and includes a 16oz bottle of Giant Gazillion solution.

Gazillion Refillable 2L Solution - RRP £6.99

Make sure the Gazillion bubble experience keeps on giving with a 2L bottle of Gazillion Bubble Solution. Formulated to create the biggest, brightest most colourful bubbles on earth, each bottle comes with a bubble wand that snaps into the cap and is available in Original Solution or Giant Bubble Solution options.

Several Gazillion Bubbles Products have been officially endorsed by The Good Toy Guide. Why not read what the little testers thought here for even more readon to buy Gazillion! 

You can check out the full Giant Gazillion Bubbles range here

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