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Check out why Y Glider scooters are so beneficial

Check out why Y Glider scooters are so beneficial

As the brand that gives you wheels, Yvolution’s range of Y Glider scooters makes getting out and about with your family fun. We’ve put together our top five reasons why Yvolution scooters including the new Y Glider Refresh are so beneficial for families and kids.

1. Great for learners

With unique lean-to-steer technology making it easy for little ones to get to grips with learning to scoot, Y Gliders are a great way for your child to learn balance and steering skills before moving up to pedal bikes. The adjustable steering also makes it easy to adjust the sensitivity of the handling, allowing your child to progress at their own pace. It’s perfect for first time riders!

2. Child development benefits

Yvolution’s lean-to-steer Y Glider Scooters offer a range of benefits for child development over regular kick scooters. As well as improving critical motor skills, balance and coordination, they also aid the development of a healthy vestibular sensory system, great for spacial awareness, and this means kids can learn a range of physical skills at a young age!

3. Customisable experience

With the Y Glider Refresh scooters, a child can express their personality for an experience as individual as they are as they ride. Vibrant colour inserts for the wheels and deck mean youngsters can match their scooter to reflect their own style and make sure they stand out from the crowd!

4. Top quality option

Mums and dads can be sure of top quality products when they buy a scooter from Yvolution’s innovative range. With four international awards under their belt, you know Yvolution is a name you can trust when it comes to choosing a top quality scooter!

5. Fun of the outdoors

It can be tough for parents to encourage their children to adopt an active outdoor lifestyle in this age of technology, when children have much to entertain them indoors from computer games to TVs! With Yvolution scooters, children of all ages can take to the great outdoors in confidence and enjoy the feel of the fresh breeze through their hair!

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