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Childhood jealousy

Childhood jealousy

This month UKMums.TV is looking at a brand new TV show for younger children called Kazoops! In this unique new show, the lead character, Monty, uses his vivid imagination to challenge everyday preconceptions. So as part of our Kazoops takeover, we are looking at some of the amusing dilemmas from the show that we can actually relate to as parents!

In an episode called ‘Animal Pals’, everyone is delighted when Monty brings home the class guinea pig, Frank. Everyone except Jimmy Jones. Jimmy Jones is Monty’s best friend and the family’s beloved pet pig, so when he sees that Frank is receiving all the attention and food, he becomes extremely jealous.

We’re sure a lot of parents can relate in one way or another to this scenario! Jealousy is a normal emotion in children which can often stem from having to share attention and affection with someone or something else.

As the Kazoops episode continues, Jimmy Jones’ jealousy becomes so strong that he tries to open Frank’s cage so he will escape! Naughty and mischievous actions like this probably sound familiar to some of you – kids can do and say the funniest things when they’re trying to win back attention!

Eventually Monty and Jimmy Jones magically transport into Monty’s imagination where they enjoy playing with a whole new group of animals. After their imaginative trip, the duo agrees that yes you can have more than one friend!

What UKMums.TV thinks children will get out of the episode:

What we love about Kazoops is that it encourages children to come to conclusions in a fun and imaginative way. Jealousy can be a tricky problem for parents to tackle, and what Kazoops does is use humour and fun to help children make sense of such a big emotion all by themselves.

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