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Children’s toys you can’t beat!

Children’s toys you can’t beat!

Yes, the long summer holiday is almost with us once again, so we’ve been looking for toys to keep your youngsters happy and stop them getting bored at home, whether it’s fine outside or raining! Here are a few suggestions:

1. Gazillion Giant Bubble Power Wand – Funrise - £9.99 

Children can create giant stretching bubbles at the touch of a button with the new motorised power wand from Gazillion Bubbles. It’s perfect for back garden fun and parties, there are two different coloured wands to choose from and each comes with a 4oz bottle of Giant Solution!

2. Messi Training System 2-in-1 Foot Volley Ball & Pump - Flair – £29.99 

To be a world-class footballer like Messi, you have to learn how to volley and head the ball. With the 2-in-1 Foot Volley, children can teach themselves how to head balls over the volley net and accurately volley balls through the target holes. This Foot Volley also doubles up as a regular goal for friendly matches!

3. Boom Blast Stix - Character Options - £14.99 

Boom Blast Stix is the brand new game that will keep everybody on the edge of their seats. It features 40 sensitive interlocking springs which, when put together, can explode at any time!  The aim is to stack as many pieces as possible before they go off; a high risk, unpredictable and addictive game which is sure to be full of laughter as people react to the cascading pieces. 

4. Wild Life and Farm World Collections – Schleich – from £2.99 

Both the Wild Life and Farm World collections offer hours of fun and educational play and allow children’s imaginations to run riot, while helping them to develop a responsible attitude towards animals.  All Schleich figurines are designed with great attention to detail, hand-painted with care and make the perfect playthings, collector’s items or gifts.  There are also lots of accessories and playsets available to increase the fun!

5. My First Scalextric – Hornby - £29.99 

The fun will never end with My First Scalextric set! These BMW Mini car toys are fantastic replicas for your own little Mini driver who is just beginning to enjoy building tracks and racing fast cars!  A great introduction to the world of Scalextric featuring an easy-to-assemble figure of eight track.

6. And finally, every child loves a collectible and favourites out at the moment include Shopkins, Grossery Gang and Mash ‘Ems and Fash ‘Ems.

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