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Christmas Taste Testing- Food

Christmas Taste Testing- Food

Here at we have been testing lots of edible treats for Christmas. After tasting more than our fair share of goodies, here are our top 10 foodie must haves for you to buy this weekend.  Don’t forget to check out our top ten tipples list too!

Christmas puddings:

Having tested almost 20 Christmas puddings this week, this fruit packed pud is definitely our favourite. Tesco’s Finest with French brandy and plump juicy fruits. RRP £8 (1)

Mince pies:

When is a mince pie more than a mince pie? When it comes from Thomas the Baker! The pastry on these fruit filled treats is to die for. No wonder they have won over 10 awards. RRP £2.20 for 6 (2)

Christmas cake:

Tesco wins again with its Finest Winter Enchantment Christmas Cake. We loved this two tier beauty and at just £20 there is enough for you and all your neighbours as it serves 30! (3)

Sharing sweets:

Forget the big tin of chocolates, everyone knows that traditional sugary sweets are perfect guilty pleasures and that’s why we love the Candyland Sweet Champions tin for just £5! (4)

Chocolate treats just for you:

If you love Baileys, you will love this chocolate selection. We were sent the whole collection and each one came up tops! Starting at £5 and available from Tesco (5)

Cheese and pickles:

On an everyday sandwich or as a treat with a pickled onion, you can't beat a mature selection from Wyke. Their creamy cheddar that comes in a range of strengths will be a family favourite once introduced.(6)  But for something a little different then Snowdonia Cheese have some fiery and punchy flavourings to try. Our favourite was Red Devil. Prices start at £4.50.(7)

Every cheese needs a pickle, and to add a dollop of Englishness to the plate choose the English Provender collection. A particular favourite of ours was the Plum and Brandy Apple chutney RRP £1.99 (8)


Keeping some pâté in the fridge makes an ideal teatime treat whether on a bread roll or spread on toast. The smoked ham inside this Ham and Cider Pâté from Castle MacLellan is something really different, the soft texture spreads really easily and has a flavour to savour.(9)

Stock up on your snacks:

Your cupboard should be full of nuts and crisps to munch on when watching a Christmas film. We love Burts hand cooked crisps and their range of bold flavours. RRP£ 1.99 (10) Another crisp came to our attention in the shape of Corkers, which are made from potatoes grown on their site. Don’t miss their Duck and Hoisin Sauce flavour. (11)

If nuts are more your thing then the brand to go for, in our opinion, is Liberation. The selection of flavours and seasonings brings something for everyone, but our favourite were the chilli and lime cashews which go perfectly with a chilled beer. RRP £1.89 (12)

What are you eating this Christmas? 

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