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Classic April Fool’s Day Tricks

Classic April Fool’s Day Tricks

As you must know by now, it’s April Fool’s Day on Friday, so here are some of our favourite tricks that are very easy to successfully pull off.

1. The cling film over the door classic: First on our list is the classic cling film across the door trick. By simply layering cling film across an open door, unsuspecting friends, family or even work colleagues are bound to walk through and be given a great surprise. Just make sure they’re not carrying a cup of tea or coffee at the time, as this will only end badly!


2. The Oreo toothpaste trick: Although this may be seen as a great waste of Oreos, filling the biscuits with toothpaste will never fail to gain a bad reaction.

3. Is it sugar or is it salt: When you’re making the morning drink, why not replace one unlucky recipient’s sugar with salt. It looks the same, but it certainly doesn’t taste the same. Give them their tea or coffee, sit back and watch their reaction.

4. My mouse isn’t working: Finally, possibly the simplest trick on our list is to cover the sensor on a computer mouse with a piece of sellotape. Although this is easily fixable, the inconvenience makes it worth it.

There are hundreds and hundreds of April Fool’s tricks that you can do on the big day. Tweet us your favourite ones @UKMumstv!

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