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Coding in the classroom

Coding in the classroom

In January 2014 Kuato Studios pledged 100 hours of coding for schools across the UK.  The aim has been to teach primary school students the basics of coding in a fun and engaging way through the use of their robot game, Code Warriors: Hakitzu Battles.
Not only have children been able to learn the basics of Javascript but they have also been given opportunities to meet real life developers, as the Kuato team has visited their schools and discussed the industry.

Teachers across the UK have seen huge benefits from the coding lessons using Code Warriors: Hakitzu Battles. Children have engaged more in lessons, stuck with difficult problems to overcome them and benefited from a boost to their confidence.
One teacher even discussed how, through the use of the game, children were breaking down one problem into several smaller ones and therefore could see the bigger picture, a skill needed throughout adult life on a daily basis!

So what is Code Warriors? It’s an exciting introduction into Javascript, one of the worlds most common programming languages.  No previous knowledge of coding is needed, children start at opposite ends of a battle field each with a  programmable robot.  The aim of the game is to reach your opponent’s power core and destroy it.  As you advance through the game the more you code the more points and better weapons you receive.

With 25 single player matches as well as team games, Code Warriors is educational fun that kids can play with friends or alone.
You can download the free game for your child on the App store.


To celebrate Kuato taking over all Kuato Games apps are now FREE ( with the exception of Noddy Toyland Detective which is reduced to 99p) on the App store until midnight on Sunday 23rd July 2017. Now is the perfect time to test them out with your children!

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