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Collecting toys is not just child’s play...

Collecting toys is not just child’s play...

“RARE toy sells for thousands at auction!” It’s a headline we’ve all seen (and wished we could cash in on!). But if you’re skeptical about waiting 20 odd years for your child’s collectible of choice to become hot property, then read on - there are much more immediate benefits from toy collecting!

We’ve come up with a few but we’d love to hear your ideas too - leave your comments below after reading our top five benefits of toy collecting:

1. Cool calculation - It’s all part of the fun of collecting for kids to tot up just how many of their favourite collectible they already have, and how many more they need to save up for! Obviously that helps them with counting skills, but also making basic calculations and sorting. Another skill kids can learn from collecting is saving their pocket money and working out how much they need for their favourite toys. So the 80p price point of SuperZings makes them perfect for a spot of pocket money budgeting!

2. Join our club - Whether it’s stamps, football cards or the latest new collectible craze, kids love to talk about their collections, swap and share with other kids. It’s all part of what makes collecting not just a solo activity, but a fun social one too - and these days, that includes fun social media interaction like the SuperZings Twitter Frenzy coming up later this week!

3. Organised chaos - It may LOOK like a mess to you, but ask your child what they’re doing with those piles of toys on the kitchen table and you may be surprised. It’s not uncommon for kids to create their own system of organising their collections, whether it’s in sizes, shapes and colours or following the rules of the universe their collectibles come from. In the case of SuperZings, we think they’ll have loads of fun finding the rival Supervillain to each Superhero in the collection.

4. Crazy about collecting - Kids will have many passions in their life, but often that first collection of toys, be it marbles or tin soldiers, Pokemons or SuperZings, will be our favourite. So when your kids talk about nothing but their new toy collection, they’re really creating memories that will last a lifetime!

5. Read all about it - As well as counting, socialising and memorising skills, toy collecting promotes reading skills. Most collectibles come with a background story, accompanying information like the SuperZings profile cards, and sometimes even storybooks and cartoons.

But don’t take our word for it - ask your child, what do you love about collecting toys? We’d love to hear their reasons and yours too. Leave us a comment or contact the SuperZings Facebook and Twitter pages.

SuperZings - Rivals of Kaboom features 80 collectible Superheroes and matching rival Supervillains, who all live together in Kaboom City. There are 36 regular characters, plus six Silver and two Gold Rare and One Enigma Super Rare SuperZing. The figures all have their own superpower and profile, use collectible Supercars to get around (eight to collect), and live in Hideouts (eight to collect) which can also be used to launch the characters into the air.

So plenty for budding collectors to get their teeth into! Kickstart their collection by entering our competition later in the SuperZings takeover.



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