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Coming out of their shells this spring, the Half-Shell Heroes are ready for non-stop Ninja adventure!

Coming out of their shells this spring, the Half-Shell Heroes are ready for non-stop Ninja adventure!

Aimed at the young children aged 2-4, these fab new heroes make sure even the youngest of fans can get in on the Turtle action! You can join the fun-loving brothers in their pizza-fuelled missions as they team up to mess with menacing mutants and stop the Shredder. It's a new adventure every time you play.

This spring the Turtles have gone back in time to the pre-historic age and have made cool friends including a T-Rex and Stegosaurus Rex! What’s more, to celebrate their time travels a fab new toy collection has been released. Check out what’s available to buy below:

Get your collection started with the Half-Shell Heroes twin packs (RRP £7.99)! There are 11 assorted and each pack includes either two figures or one figure and one mini dinosaur. Each mini dinosaur features the same colour bandana as its owner! Collect them all!

For characters with attitude, the Talking Figure Assortments (RRP £14.99) each has over 20 sounds and phrases, they also have a fab range of movement and will swing their arms and move their weapons in a cool Ninja style! 

Staying with the Dino theme, the Turtles Half-Shell T-Rex and Donnie (RRP £19.99) includes a large T-Rex and Donnie figure that are both fully articulated! Sit Donnie in his seat on his T’Rex’s back and watch as his dino buddy will use his open mouth feature to gobble up Shredder, Bebop or Rocksteady!

For kids who love to act like Ninja’s, there is a whole range of role play items including a Soft Shell (RRP £19.99) and Soft Ninja Role Play Sets (RRP £17.99). Young fans can recreate favourite scenes as their much-loved heroes. The Shell features a place to store the soft weapons or any figures too, plus the adjustable straps allow you to adjust it to the perfect fit, whilst the Role Play Sets contain a bandana and soft weapon in the colour of your favourite turtle. Each set also includes sounds and phrases! from the hit show!

The Half-Shell Heroes large Shellraiser vehicle (RRP £34.99) includes 20 Turtle phrases and sound effects as well as having the ability to bash down the enemy with the barrel bitter at the front of the vehicle! Watch out for the firing canon and knock enemies over with the sewer cover disc shooter!

This Secret Sewer HQ (£59.99) has over 50 phrases and sound effects including "Mikey to the rescue", "the streets are dangerous!" and "back to the lair". Go for a sewer slide on the T-Rawket vehicle, wipe out menacing mutants with the water tower slide, kick the Foot outta town for good, deliver a drainpipe drop kick and trick them with the sneaky sewer cover trap door! The playset also comes with 2 x 6cm Half-Shell Hero Figures - Mikey and Splinter and an exclusive T-Rawket vehicle!

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