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Construction snacks kids can build themselves!

Construction snacks kids can build themselves!

As Peppa Pig Construction has taken over for the next two weeks we thought we would bring you are top snacks kids can build themselves.

Fruit Kebabs


• An apple
• An orange
• A bunch of grapes
• A Pineapple




1. Before you let your children construct the fruit kebabs you may want to first chop up the fruit in edible chunks.

2. Once your children have all of the ingredients cut up they can begin to make their kebab. All they have to do is pop each piece of fruit onto a skewer in any order they wish. We would recommend they use a blunt bamboo skewer as they are not sharp.

3. The last step is for them to tuck in and enjoy their snack.

Club Sandwich


• Fresh sliced chicken
• Iceberg lettuce
• Sliced Cucumber
• Bread
• Butter


1. Like the fruit kebabs you may want to pre slice ingredients such as the chicken and the cucumber for your little ones so they don’t have to do it themselves.

2. To start your children should butter three slices of bread on one side, plastic cutlery will be fine for them to use when spreading butter.

3. The next step is for your little ones to add their filling. They should place their first slice of bread on their plate and top with chicken, cucumber and lettuce in any order they wish.

4. They should then place their second slice of bread on top add and all three ingredients on top of it, again in any order they like.

5. The final step is for them to put their last piece of bread on top of the sandwich with the non-buttered side facing up. You can then cut it into quarters for them and watch as they enjoy their delicious snack.

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