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Cool Winter Makeup Looks for 2017

Cool Winter Makeup Looks for 2017

The finishing touch to any makeup look is made by the colours you use, the lines you make, or the lack of it! All can make or break your look! Just like an artist’s canvas, you must take a pride in your eyes, lips, contours, cheekbones and even your neckline to create your own masterpiece.

Why not go for the simple but natural and sophisticated look? (1) You could even wear bright red lipstick to emphasise your pout if you’re not too keen on the pale lipstick look. 

You could even keep the winter months alive with this deep burgundy lipstick with subtle eyeliner, contouring and eyebrows. (2)

Maybe you’re the kind of girl who prefers a bolder look on the cheeks. Check out the image (3) below. Top tip: Make sure your highlighter isn’t too thick and spread all over the cheeks as this could make them look metallic and fake.

When you go out, why not rock out in your favourite jumper, dark lipstick and eye makeup to catch people’s eye. It’s always great to make an effort when going out, even if it’s not for a special occasion! (4)

Check out this gorgeous eye makeup design. (5) It’s perfect for a night out or even just a walk around the shops.

Whatever look you choose to go for make sure it’s bold and beautiful! Hopefully you’re inspired by our top choices.

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