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Coping with the “Tiger Mums"

Coping with the “Tiger Mums"



Entering adulthood saw the end of rumors, gossiping and backstabbing… or so we thought. The simple task of dropping your child off at school can soon become a competition, a fashion show or even a suicide mission thanks to the “Tiger Mums”.



Tiger Mum

Noun- “Sometimes Sally can be a real Tiger Mum”

A mother who holds the desire for her child/children to be the best in everyway. and uses their child’s success as bragging rights within the playground. A pushy parent who adopts a competitive sprit to the point where everything becomes a competition including outfits, children’s grades and possessions. Stay clear of the Tiger Mums.

Read our tips on how to deal with Tiger Mums;

1. Always keep your problems away from the playground. Confide in your friends out of school, never those in the playground no matter how sympathetic they may be. You are going to meet them every day for the next 7 years so don’t mention any marriage or financial or emotional difficulties. Furthermore, do not act as ear to any gossip.  

2. Never arrive early for pick up. This only gives more opportunity for you to be pounced on.

3. Always be polite but opaque. If they cannot grab onto anything about you, good or bad, they will neither be threatened by you or interested to cultivate you as one of their members.

4. Be aware that there is no Tiger Mum ‘type’ – they do not look like bullies, they come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing they have in common is that they need to get a life, stop taking themselves so seriously and focus on their child’s development and no one else’s. They need above all to mind their OWN business. 

5. See the funny side of all situations.

6. Tiger Mums will always claim they are being overly competitive because it’s necessary to push their child and further their progress. All good parents encourage their child to do well, Tiger Mums try to undermine other children so they do less well, and also undermine the confidence of other parents. That is not good parenting, this is politics.

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