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Craziest Celebrity Women’s Hairstyles

Craziest Celebrity Women’s Hairstyles

Take a look at the greatest celebrity hairstyle disasters in history. Warning, it could get ugly...

1. Diana Ross (1970s) - The original diva’s volumised afro is so iconic, yet so crazy, that Kim Kardashian channelled her look in a photo shoot inspired by the singer.

2. Madonna (1980s) - At the height of her “Like a Virgin” period in the mid-80s, Madonna rocked the messy look with her dark roots - it was distinctly downtown.

3. The Spice Girls (1990s) - Popular styles in the 1990s included crimping, feathered bangs, spiky up-dos and the ‘leave two single strands out of your ponytail’ look, all of which were sported by The Spice Girls. Whichever way you look at it, it wasn’t a good decade for hair!

4. Gwen Stefani (2000) - The cornrows on their own are an odd hairstyle, but pink cornrows? They’re just a bit too much.

5. Kelly Osbourne (2003) - If Kelly was trying to rebel with this Mohawk do, she’d probably need to do more to shock her heavy-metal dad.

6. Britney Spears (2007) - Spears walked into a salon and shaved her head in front of hundreds of paparazzi flashing their cameras. Instantly public perception shifted.

7. Mel B (2010) - It’s hard to believe that Mel B thought this nasty undercut worked for the Brits in 2010. All the diamante stars in the world couldn’t replace the hair that had been shaved off from the right side of her head.

8. Ke$ha (2012) - Ke$ha herself is crazy, so it seems right for her to have a crazy hairstyle to finish off her popstar look! With a shaved side of the head and gold studs stuck on, this is a seriously crazy hairstyle.

9. Beyoncé (2013) - Beyoncé ditched her bob and reunited with her long, golden extensions. She has made our list for chopping her face-framing fringe into a short bowl cut fringe back in 2013.

As for 2016, there have been no outrageous celebrity hairstyles as of yet this year, but we hope to see more crazy hairstyles over the next few months!

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