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Date Night Inspiration

Date Night Inspiration

How do you usually like to spend your date nights? A takeaway and film, or dinner out with your other half maybe? It’s important to devote time for just you and your significant other now and again, especially when children are also in the picture. But perhaps it’s time to think of something different to keep the romance alive. Check out our top five date nights with a difference for inspiration. You both deserve some quality time!

Play strangers

Here’s an interesting one that we dare you to try, pretend to be strangers meeting in a bar for the first time! Try checking out somewhere you’ve never been to before and talk like it’s the first time you’ve met. Ask lots of questions and you never know, you might learn something new about your partner. You might feel ridiculous but it’s sure to be a giggle.

Don’t date night

So you’re used to quality time in the evening; getting the babysitter in so you can go out, or waiting until the kids have gone to bed to stay in? Why not switch it up a bit and get someone to look after the kids in the day time while you check out a performance in the afternoon. There are several advantages; daytime childcare at weekends might be easier to come by, tickets are cheaper and the venue will be less packed so it feels like a more intimate experience.

Go dancing

You probably met in club (he stood out as the one making crazy shapes on the dancefloor), but when was the last time you went dancing together? You might have to drag him kicking and screaming to your local salsa class, but you’ll have a laugh and that’s all that matters. No-one will care that you’re beginners. Tell him there’s a fancy bar to check out in the end if you’re in need of additional persuasion material!

Date documentary

So you opted to stay in after all? It’s still not too late to make the experience a little bit different! Just grab your camera or smartphone and take lots of snaps to document your date night by, even if it’s just a Chinese takeaway in front of the TV! Showcase the food you’re eating, strike funny poses and take lots of selfies. Bring out the arty side in yourself! You’ll have lots of fun looking back on the photos.

Three meals

Here’s one foodies will appreciate, especially if you’re a couple that enjoys eating out. Why not try three courses, the starter, main and dessert, in three different venues?! You’d have fun moving from restaurant to restaurant!

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