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Do’s and Don’ts for New Year’s Eve!

Do’s and Don’ts for New Year’s Eve!

If you’re not careful, New Year’s Eve can easily become the worst night of the year, before the year has even started! Here are some of our top do’s and don’ts for the big night!

1. DO eat before going out. Even if the party promises food, it may not be something that you enjoy, or be substantial enough! So always arrive with at least a partially full stomach!

2. DO know your limits. Arguably the most important tip is to know your limit. Not only do you not want to look like an idiot in front of your friends and potentially strangers, it is also dangerous to drink too much. Please Drink Responsibly!

3. DO fully charge your mobile. Make sure that your phone battery is full before leaving the house, as this is crucial not only for wishing a Happy New Year to people you are not with but, more importantly, to phone a taxi with at the end of the night!

4. DO ensure that you have a safe ride home. If there is no designated driver on New Year, then you will need to find a safe ride home, which is why point 3 is so crucial. There will always be taxis around and if you live in a particularly large place, public transport should be available too.

5. DON’T leave personal belongings unattended. If you don’t want your night ruined in a flash, remember to keep bags, purses and mobiles in close proximity at all times.

6. DON’T leave and forget to tell your friends. Please don’t be that person. There is always one friend who does this, but make sure it isn’t you!

7. DON’T let the unexpected ruin your night. Things can go wrong on New Year’s Eve, but don’t let it ruin your night. Remember to have fun with the people that matter most to you, and to stay safe!
If you follow these steps, then we here at UKMums.TV are sure you will have a successful New Year’s Eve!

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