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Do’s and don’ts when travelling on a plane with your family!

 Do’s and don’ts when travelling on a plane with your family!

It’s that time of year when everyone is jetting off on their holidays, whether it’s home or away, so we bring our top do’s and don’ts when travelling with children on an airplane

1. DO book direct flights!

It may be slightly cheaper per person to book a connecting flight but when travelling with children ALWAYS book direct. Even on a short haul flight a connection can add hours, and when you have tired and bored children this will feel like days!!

2. DO pack snacks! 

Chew bars, raisins and rice cakes and even chocolate!  Make sure you include a secret “bag of bribes” that the kids don’t see you pack. These treats will provide valuable currency during a behaviour melt-down.

3. DON’T pack everything AND the kitchen sink

You may think you need that black out blind, pillow, night light, (the list goes on) but honestly, you probably won’t. You’ll only have to carry it and stress about forgetting something and most family friendly hotels have lots of equipment that you can use once you get there.

4. DO try and book night flights

It may seem like an odd choice, travelling with children at night when they should be sleeping, but that is exactly why it is a good reason, especially if you have a mid to long haul flight. The excitement of the holiday will keep them buzzing all day and then in theory, they should snooze their way through those long hours in the air! Perfect for you and the rest of the cabin!

5. DO warn toddlers and young children about the toilet flush sound

It’s very loud. You definitely don’t want a case of “toilet fear” on a long flight

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