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Dressing Table Essentials

Dressing Table Essentials

Many people say that a dressing table is a luxury, rather than an essential furniture piece. Particularly for us ladies, a dressing table is a vital piece of furniture which aids an important ritual - preparing for the day ahead. Read more to find out a selection of dressing table essentials.

1) Simple but yet lovely and stylish.

Empty your favourite candle pot to make it into a holder for all your brushes. To make sure all your essentials sit neat and tidy purchase a high edged shaped tray and place all your everyday must-haves inside.

2) A space to store your hair essentials

Sick and tired of having nowhere to put your hairdryer, straighteners and curlers? Why not invest in making a small compartment in one of your dressing table drawers to keep everything neat and tidy?

3) Dressing table must-have!

Are you a huge fan of make-up? Make sure you have a vanity mirror to aid your everyday routine! Lighting is so important when doing makeup as it’s what people see in the daylight, so it’s essential to have good lighting to help you see the true colours and shades.

4) Makeup storage

Do you have an ever-growing collection of makeup? Then this is the perfect solution for you! Why not purchase a simple plastic storage holder that will fit all your makeup in or you could even try a vanity case if you have quite a lot!

5) Zoella storage solutions

No space to pop your rings or jewellery? No problem! Invest in a couple of cute additions to the Zoella range. The cactus ring holder is oh so cute! We love this image from Laura Blush and Bronze.

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