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Drink Yourself Healthy

Drink Yourself Healthy

Over Christmas and New Year most of us will consume more than our fair share of food and drink. Detoxing for a few weeks in the New Year is a great way to energise and clean your system. Detox Juices and Drinks are everywhere but here are some of our favourites.

1. T Plus Apple and Blackcurrant Detox Green Tea combines the antioxidant benefits of Green Tea with added vitamins. Conventional, Functional and Smart! Perfect for a morning boost! Go to the T Plus website to find out more!

2. Looking for something a little more indulgent? Drink Me Chai offer a range of flavoured Chai Drinks bringing a number of benefits including increased immune system, improved digestion and reduced tummy inflammation. We tried their Chocolate Chai Latte mix and loved it! Find out more here.

3. If you are looking to lose a few Christmas pounds fast, then the Lemon Detox Be Free Programme could just be the one for you. However, for those looking to go on a post-Christmas diet, why not aid the process with a glass of the Lemon Detox Drink to help support your body with nutrients?  The Lemon Detox combines Natural Tree Syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper for a powerful energy hit, great as an alternative to breakfast in the morning.

4. Juicing was a craze from last year, but we are still not over it! Savse (pronounced Sav-Say) Smoothies are cold pressed and have no added sugar. Their range of fruit and veg packed drinks are full of vitamins and goodness. Our favourite is the Super Orange - bringing a splash of sunshine to breakfast and very child friendly!

5. Struggling to eat enough vegetables each day? Plenish Boost and Lift juices contain ½KG of organic product in each bottle! Perfect to support your Psychological performance and fight fatigue.

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