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Drone-flying security guard fined £1,800

Drone-flying security guard fined £1,800


A 42 year old man has been fined  £1,800 after he was found to be flying drones over the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace and Premier League football stadiums. Security guard Nigel Wilson appeared before Westminster Magistrates' Court after he was accused of endangering the public by flying drones to film footage for his YouTube channel. Following a police-led operation this is the first time a person has been charged for using drones by the Crown Prosecution Service.


Wilson’s videos included close range shots of Big Ben, The Shard and the Queen Victoria Memorial, as well as aerial views of Premier League and Champions League football matches. The security guard managed to get footage of games at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium as his drones flew over the stadiums at heights of around 100 metres.

Wilson was told by Judge Purdy that he was putting the public at risk by flying his drones in busy areas, and the defendant pleaded guilty to four charges of “flying a small, unmanned surveillance aircraft in a congested area” and five charges of “not maintaining direct, unaided visual contact with a small unmanned surveillance aircraft”.

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