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Easy Meals for Two for Valentine’s Day

Easy Meals for Two for Valentine’s Day

So you’ve decided to have a quiet night in but would still like to have a nice, romantic meal together.  We’ve checked out some easy recipes on so that you can create a fab three-course meal for you both!  Pick ‘n’ mix from our two choices for each course below and click the links for the recipes.  Enjoy!

For Starters

1. Easy Mezze Plate

Easy to make in 10 minutes, this is a simple platter of Serrano or Parma ham with artichoke dip and focaccia toast!

2. Warm Mackerel and Beetroot Salad 

A simple salad but full of flavour!


1. Marinated Bavette Steak

This cost-conscious cut of beef has heaps of flavour and only takes 10 minutes to cook.

2. Baked Sea Bass with Lemon Caper Dressing 

This is an elegant, gluten-free main course which is simple and quick to make for no fuss entertaining.


1. Chocolate & Coffee Truffle Pots 

The only way to finish a meal is with rich chocolate truffles and coffee and this easy dessert cleverly combines the two!

2. Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry & Mint Jellies 

This is a refreshing dessert which is low in sugar; based on a mint tisane, it is set to a soft jelly with chunks of fresh fruit.

Whatever you choose from the above, you or your partner won’t be spending all evening cooking but will still have a wonderful tasty meal!  Let us know what combinations you would choose (or share your own favourite recipes) over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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