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Expert Opinion: the benefits of outdoor play

Expert Opinion: the benefits of outdoor play

At UKMums.TV, we really believe in the importance of outdoor play. Not only is it tremendous fun for the kids to get outside and play, it also has countless benefits for their development! Read on to find out more about the benefits of outdoor play as pointed out by our sponsors, Yvolution.


The health benefits of outdoor play are undoubtedly the best reason to get the kids outside this summer. Did you know that the NHS recommends children under five need three hours exercise a day? Vigorous activities such as running, jumping and climbing benefit growing kids in so many ways from stronger bones and muscles to healthier hearts and lungs.

What’s more, the sun’s rays are the perfect source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for keeping bones and teeth healthy and a lack of it can lead to deformities such as rickets.

Children’s immune systems also greatly improve from outdoor play. Dirty hands and grass-stained clothes can be a bugbear for many parents but exposing kids to new germs outside will help them build up a resistance to nasty viruses and infections.


Physical exercise produces mood-lifting hormones called endorphins, which means that outdoor play can lead to happier children!

Imagination and Creativity

With so much to be discovered, playing outdoors can be a magical experience for kids; their senses will be exposed to an array of amazing new sights, sounds, scents and more! Nature will inspire their imagination and creativity and take play to a whole new level.

Personality development

Letting children explore their imagination and creativity outdoors also contributes to personality development. Your little ones will discover new likes and dislikes and form long-lasting personality traits whilst playing.

Strong relationships with friends will also be built as they invent new games and learn to co-operate and share.

As you can see, there are several brilliant advantages to outdoor play! All in all, playing outdoors will benefit children of all ages and will set them up with healthy patterns for throughout childhood and well into adult life.

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