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Fake or Bake – Tan without the tears

Fake or Bake – Tan without the tears

Most of us will be gearing up for our holidays now, and unless you are blessed with instantly tanning just by looking at the sun, a few of us will have tried self-tanning kits.

Depending on budget, there are a variety to choose from. Whether it’s in foam, lotion or wipe form, below we have put together a list of some on offer:

Lancome Flash Bronzer – Anti Age
From £20.99
This is a light spray which is easily applied, looks natural and smells great too. Also available as a face gel bronzer, which can be used under a matte foundation as a primer, making your face look healthy and glowing.

Johnsons Holiday Skin
From £3.99
This is a lotion that you use like your regular moisturiser, which gradually builds a light glow. There is also a facial moisturiser version.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer
From £5.99
A beautifully silky moisturiser that absorbs quickly, and gradually builds up a very convincing tan. Also available in a facial moisturiser.

St Moritz Self-tanning Mousse
From £4.99
This mousse is instantly activating, and works very quickly. This is ideal if going out for an evening and want some instant glam.

Le Grande Bluff – Nickel – For men
From £22.50
This gel for men, acts as a moisturiser which gradually builds a light tan (sun-kissed look). It is tough enough for gent’s skin, moisturising and evens skin tone to give a fresh look.

Whether you are going fake or bake, always remember to be safe in the sun!

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