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Festival Survival Guide

Festival Survival Guide

Festival season is in full swing and if you’re thinking of digging out your wellies and heading to a festival this summer we’ve got it covered! Here are our top tips to help you survive whatever a British festival has to throw at you.

Be prepared for the great British weather
We’re never quite sure what the weather will be like in this country, especially in the summer. Wellies are an essential for festivals if you don’t fancy ruining your best shoes and a rain jacket wouldn’t go amiss either.

Pick a good spot for your tent
Arrive at the festival early to ensure that you find the best spot to pitch your tent. It’s best to set up near a landmark on the site so you’ll remember where your tent is. Also, stay well clear of the toilets, after a few days you’ll regret it if you’re anywhere near them!

Keep any valuables with you
If you take your phone or any money with you to a festival never leave them in your tent, it’s likely they could be stolen. A small bag that you can keep round your waist is the best kind to take to a festival.

Stay with your friends
It can be very easy to get lost at a festival especially when it’s dark, so make sure you stay with a few friends at all times. If you separate off into small groups, keep in contact with each other and arrange to meet at a certain place so you don’t become separated.

Keep your drinks with you
Most people like to have a drink or two at a festival, but with so much alcohol around it’s easy to forget which drinks are yours. You don’t know who’s going to be camping next to you so it’s best to keep your drinks in your camp so you always know exactly what you’re drinking.

Finally, and most importantly, we hope you have fun and enjoy whichever festivals you’re heading to this summer!

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