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Fit in Flip Flops

Fit in Flip Flops

Nobody likes to have sweaty feet in the summer, especially if you know the shoes will be coming off in front of guests at some point. So has taken a look at some of the best flip flops you can buy!

Havaianas flip flops – These flip flops are fantastic value for money. Costing under £20, you will get the perfect comfort when walking around; and the soft thong between your toes will cause no irritation or rubbing.

The Mush II by Teva – This flip flop is all about comfort. With a strong and decorative strap and thick foot bed, it is perfect for walking long distances.

Silver Leather Aztec Beaded Sandals – these sandals, available from New Look, provide perfect comfort with real leather and fulfil all of your fashion desires, meaning you can wear them to parties or special occasions without feeling out of place.

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