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Ford Torture Test Track Review

Ford Torture Test Track Review

Recently UKMums.tv received an invite to Spain to review the brand new Ford C-MAX range of cars. Following this trip, we were lucky enough to get the chance to visit the Ford Torture Test Track in Lommel, Belgium, where Ford’s commitment to safety was made clear as they demonstrated to us the various safety tests that a new car has to be put through. Our roving reporter Steve attended and here’s his report.

“I was taken on an interesting journey through Ford’s testing facility, visiting four different testing zones. The first zone was the safety zone, in which I saw how a suit was worn to imitate people of different ages from children to grandparents to make sure every age group was comfortable inside the car. They even had a brand new Q-Series dummy, a child dummy with an enhanced number of stress zones, demonstrating Ford’s desire to provide safe, family-friendly cars. I also saw Ford’s upgraded clip-in car seat system that allows car seats to be fitted more easily into the car.


In the next zone I was shown some of Ford’s safety features, including their innovative active park assist feature that allows the car to manoeuvre itself into a parking space. Another advanced safety feature demonstrated was the active city stop that works by automatically causing the car to break at slow speeds if there is an obstacle in the way.

After this I was taken onto the test track itself, where the car was driven over different terrains to see how it would perform on a range of surfaces. The test cars are also made subject to intense heat for days on end to see whether they can withstand exposure to the sun for long periods of time.

The final zone focused on testing materials inside the car, further emphasising Ford’s focus on designing family-friendly vehicles. Different liquids were spilt over the various surfaces of the car to see if the material would be easy to wipe clean if a child dropped food or drink on it. There were also scratch tests performed on the cars to see whether the inside of the car could be easily damaged.

Overall it was clear from Ford’s rigorous testing that their cars are designed with safety and quality in mind, and that they are made to survive a drive in some of the world’s most demanding conditions. I would recommend the Ford C-MAX as a great family car – it is built with the safety of all generations of the family in mind and we at UKMums.tv would give the trip and Ford a 5-star rating!”


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