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Fun at bath time!

Fun at bath time!

Bath time is not just about getting clean it’s also about splashing in the bubbles having some fun so why not check out our top selection of fun bath toys to make your toddler want to jump in and never get out!

1. VTech Bath Toy Wind and Waggle Ducks £14.99 – Turn the chunky red key to wind up the big duck then watch them swim and sing! Press the abc and music buttons to hear fun phrases, songs and melodies and watch the light flash along to the music. Available from

2. Munchkin Mermaid Bath Set £13.49 – The Splash Along Mermaid really swims, just pull down her crown and watch her go! The corner bath organiser is ideal for storing the mermaid and other bath toys. Splash along Mermaid is soft and easy to hold and also includes a squirter friend. Available from

3. Koo-di Bath Time Fun Shower Baby Bath Toy £14.99 -  This plastic shower toy will not only raise the fun of your baby’s bath time but its kid friendly design will also help them to become familiar with the refreshing feel of a shower. Just press the showers smiley face and watch their face light up as they find themselves controlling the showers spray! Available from

4. Musical Diving Bear £14.99 – Have fun in the bath with your diving bear. He swims thanks to his flipper on the leg, he sings 2 melodies depending on how he is swimming and water falls from the starfish when you press it! Available from

5. Kacy The Fish Teething Bath Toy £7.49 – Handmade from 100% natural latex rubber and hand painted with non-toxic paints, this water resistant toy is completely PVC, BPA and Phthalate free. Available from

6. B. Baby Wee Splashy Bath Toys £16.99 – A mini boat with captain and lifesaver can accompany you on your bath time adventures. Watch out for the squeezy sea creatures while having fun stacking your sprinkly cups. Available from

7. Vtech Splash and Sing Bath Book £14.99 – This interactive bath book features soft, pliable pages with easy to press buttons that play sounds, melodies and songs. Available from

8. Tomy Aquafun Octopals Baby Bath Time £12 – Mummy octopus acts as a pouring cup while her 8 little babies stick to the sides of the bath or tiles. Each baby is a water squirter and features a different number that corresponds to a number on the base for number matching fun. Available from

9. Bath Friends Turtle £17.99 – Press the animal’s buttons to learn colours, sea animals and shapes. Pop the animal friend accessories into the turtles belly for fun reactions. In built motion sensor that triggers sound effects and melodies when the turtle is taken in or out of the water! Available from

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