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Garden Safety for Summer

Garden Safety for Summer

So you’ve child-proofed your home, made sure the medicines are locked away safe and the stair gates are up to prevent any falls. But have you considered how safe your child is in the garden? It’s just as important as indoor safety, especially as the temperature rises and more time is spent outdoors with our families.

Here are some tips to avoid any garden accidents:

Store chemicals away

It’s vital that any chemicals used in the garden, such as poisonous weed killers, adhesives and solvents are stored away out of sight of children, preferably in a secure cabinet.

Water warning

Ponds and water features may make a garden look beautiful, but they pose a drowning risk. Protect little ones by fencing off or filling in ponds, and make sure children are supervised when playing near water.

Sharp tool danger

Take care to ensure any tools are in good order when used around children, and operate within the range of your skills, ability and experience. Dangerous tools such as shears, saws, forks and weeders, should be safely tidied away after use to avoid injury.

Barbecue in safety

Barbecues are fun but it’s important to think about safety before putting the food on and sizzling away. Make sure the barbecue is stable and fired up in an appropriate location away from fences, sheds and hanging trees which could catch fire. Also, make sure the barbecue is fully extinguished before you leave.

Garden DIY

The lovely weather offers a great opportunity to complete garden chores like mowing the lawn and painting the fence. Keep children safely away when using lawnmowers, doing DIY projects or household repairs.

More garden safety tips are available from RoSPA.
Now you’ve child-proofed your garden, head outside and enjoy in safety!

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