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Gardening with the kids: Best spring bulbs

Gardening with the kids: Best spring bulbs

You’re pushing it but, according to gardening expert, Monty Don, it’s still not too late to plant spring bulbs, as long as you get a move on!  And what better way to get the children away from their electronic devices for an hour or so than being creative in the garden? You might not get quite the magnificent display you’re hoping for as many bulbs are more likely to do better in their second season if planted later than November, but here are a few which should still give you a colourful show this spring if you get planting now: 


Tulips are perfectly happy being planted in January and there are some lovely varieties available now – our particular favourite is Caribbean Parrot, a flamboyant flower with feathery yellow petals with fiery orange-red edges.  Suitable for both spring borders and containers, this flowers later in spring, so you’re still in with a chance if you plant now!


Crocuses are another favourite of ours and again, you might just get a colourful showing this year if you plant now.  They can be planted in rockeries, or they look great in large groups beneath trees and shrubs, bringing lots of colour to gardens still recovering from the winter.  You can also plant these in containers and window boxes and their delicate colours certainly brighten up the garden.


A later bloomer, Iris Eyecatcher, is a delicately pretty flower which looks as if it has been hand painted!  The white petals are patterned with blue and yellow and these bulbs are perfect for pots, rockeries and borders, so get planting now and you should see the flowers end of May, beginning of June.

As the ground is most likely going to be frozen solid at this time of the year, remember that your bulbs can be planted out into planters and pots dotted around the garden.  These are a lot easier for your little helpers to plant their bulbs in and to keep watered, too.

And, to encourage them to help you, we’ve found you the perfect gardening set for little hands!  It’s available online from Groves Nurseries and costs £14.99.

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