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Get Ab-tastic!

Get Ab-tastic!

We all love abs, especially in the summer, but only because it’s a perfect excuse to show them off! However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows; you need to work hard to get them! So put down that burger and check out some of these great tips on getting started!


Tip one: Forget about eating anymore unhealthy processed food! Being able to see abs requires low body fat; that means eating clean. Cut out anything that will add any unnecessary fat, calories and sugar. Sorry mums, but that means the biscuits, chocolate and crisps have to go!

Tip two: That being said, DO NOT starve yourself! In order to get abs you need to build lean muscle. Eating healthier sources of protein and carbs help your muscles rebuild quicker and stronger whilst dropping the fat. Also, NEVER skip meals! Your body needs to repair and needs to be fuelled for exercise, so make you don’t miss any, especially breakfast!

Tip Three: This is where the exercise begins! A good starting point is to lay down on you back with your hands behind your head. Slightly tilt your head forwards and lift your legs off the ground. Move them like you’re riding a bike and you will be sure to feel it working. Remember to go steady as you’re just getting started; try three sets of one minute to begin with.

Tip four: Don’t stop! You’ve done so well to get this far! So why stop now? Look around at some different exercises that work well for you and keep going! As you become more advanced, add in some cardio. Not only will this improve your fitness but will also speed up the process of dropping fat!

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